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Flower Cut Diamonds

In 1989, a new series of diamond shapes called “Flower Cuts” were introduced by De Beers and created by Gabi Tolkowsky. These five diamond shapes accentuated the brilliance of the stone with their unconventional angles and facets. The different types are the Dahlia, Zinnia, Sunflower, Merigold, and Fire-Rose cuts.


From left to right: Top- Dahlia, Fire-Rose, Marigold. Bottom- Sunflower, Zinnia.

One of our long-time favorites at T.K. Anderson Designs has been the Fire-Rose diamond. They are not commonly seen, though they mostly appear when someone is attempting to reproduce an antique-style ring. Like the other Flower Cuts, Tolkowsky meant for Fire Rose diamonds to show the maximum brilliance of the stone. Unlike the other Flower Cuts, it is versatile to the point where the creator may adjust the cut to create round, pear, and even heart-shapes. 

Pictured below are the four Fire Rose diamonds that we have here at T.K. Anderson. They can be viewed individually with their information on our Loose Diamonds page at