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Three generations of integrity & talent.

The jewelry business is a tight and somewhat guarded industry compared to most professions. There are people that sell jewelry and then, there are Jewelers.  Besides the need for security and trust, the special people that make it in this profession have to possess a trifecta of talents.

Knowledge of art & design with appreciation of it.

Integrity, honesty and trust within oneself and of their clients.

Ever evolving skills and superior craftsmanship.

This is not an easy order to fill. The following story of our business will tell you about our evolution.

T.K. Anderson Jewelers all started after WWII, when a young man named Andy Anderson came home after his military service to the mountains of North Georgia. After attending Watchmaking school, Andy saw opportunity and opened his first Jewelry store in 1949. People have said, “If you didn’t know Andy Anderson, you missed out”. He was an avid traveler, served on numerous Boards, was Mayor of Blue Ridge and a passionate Bible teacher. This man never met a stranger!  His peers in the jewelry industry knew him for his infectious personality, his honesty and his collective knowledge of the trade. His stores in Blue Ridge and Ellijay, Georgia were unique and diverse. In the fifties, he sold diamonds & fine jewelry along with china, crystal, toasters, guns, stereos and musical instruments (to name a few). The man was the epitome of an entrepreneur and loved every minute of it. Every decade evolved and refined his business. Andy’s priority in life was the love of his wife of 60 years (Betty), his three children, five grandchildren and a huge extended family. 

Along came Andy’s third child, T. Keith Anderson, decided to immerse himself into the family business. Having spent all of his life in the ‘business’, Keith branched out and took his passion for jewelry to a new level. In his younger years, Keith traveled with his Dad to conventions, trade shows, buying trips, and schools where he was carefully taught all aspects of the jewelry industry. Keith studied Jewelry & Metalwork at two Universities and was known as the creative artist in the family.  Keith shared his father’s enthusiasm for gems & metalwork and while attending the University of Georgia, started his own business in Athens, Georgia, in 1979. After opening his own business, he started wholesaling his craft to over 15 stores throughout the southern United States. Throughout the next few years, T.K. Anderson Jewelry evolved into an appointment-only custom design shop in a free-standing location. Keith Anderson’s reputation as “the best” craftsman grew quickly and was reflected in the the businesses success and ability to employ and train numerous jewelers and opened the store to the public.  Over the past 25 years, T.K. Anderson Jewelry has won over 15 design awards at both the state and national levels.  Keith’s expertise is metalwork, casting and stone setting, makes him one of the few Jewelers left that actually does it all.  With an intense work ethic (quality over quantity), Keith keeps himself very busy on the bench creating one of kind heirlooms pieces for his customers. Keith is also a music enthusiast, wildlife advocate and loved by all who know him.  His family knows him for his patience, kindness and understanding nature, which makes him a great teacher and mentor to his two children.

In tandem with the families legacy, Keith’s first born, Wes Anderson, joined the family business in 2009. After attending college, Wes applied his love of art, graphics and design to bring a fresh purpose and new creativity to T.K. Anderson Jewelers.  Wes has a creative eye for design and has invested time in learning the ins and outs of more modern technology, such as CAD-CAM. This modern aspect of T.K. Anderson allows customer to see custom designs and provide feedback before designs are put into prototype. Now, the shop can grow their own original designs with precision and increased precision.  This modern flare has proven to be the perfect complement to his Father’s expertise and thriving business.  Wes rarely sits still and is in demand for Bridal and heirloom jewelry creations in Athens and throughout the Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee area.  Strongly influenced by his family ties, he is dedicated to sharing beautiful designs and expert craftsmanship with a new generation of clients. Wes admits, “I never dreamed of being in this industry, but it pulled me in”. As you can see, life is a journey and it is rewarding to see how T.K. Anderson continues to evolve.  Wes loves live music, travel, friends & family and also enjoys making his clients into lasting friends and has a passion to continue to grow the family business.