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Clean & Care

With proper care, you can ensure your jewelry stays in great shape for generations! The best thing you can do for your fine jewelry is remove it prior to any situation that may damage it.

Fine jewelry is vulnerable to damage if exposed to extreme hot or cold, impact, or pressure. Precious stones, regardless of their hardness, can be scratched, chipped, or made loose if contact is made with hard surfaces. Chemicals, cosmetics, perfumes, and treated water can cause unseen damage to stones and precious metals. This damage isn’t always immediately visible. You should remove your jewelry prior to the following activities:

Any form of exercise at any intensity level.  Anything that causes impact or pressure on your fine jewelry and anything that causes you to sweat. Oils and sweat from your skin can tarnish metals and damage more delicate gemstones like opals and emeralds.

Showering, bathing, swimming (in pools and in the ocean), hot tubs, and saunas. Hot temperatures, impact with metal fixtures, and chemical additives in the water can harm precious metals and gemstones. Soaps and shampoos can all be damaging to fine jewelry, especially more delicate stones like opals and emeralds. The middle of the ocean is definitely not the place to lose your ring. Sand is extremely abrasive and will scratch your metal settings and gemstones.

Applying lotion, sunscreen, oils, makeup, hair products, and perfumes.

Cooking or baking. Food products get lodged in ring settings and under stones, yuck! Banging on pots and pans is a recipe for disaster.

Cleaning, especially with harsh cleaning agents, is harmful to your fine jewelry. Also avoid washing the dishes, washing the car, or washing the dog.

Hobbies including painting, ceramics, gardening and other equally messy activities put your jewelry at risk for damage.

Certain Jobs that require the frequent use or constant washing of your hands. Examples include delivery drivers, health care providers, mechanics, chefs, etc.

Most jewelry is best cleaned using a soft cloth or very worn, soft bristle toothbrush, anti-grease dish soap, and warm water. You can use an old 100% cotton tee shirt or a microfiber cloth to dry your jewelry. We do not recommend the use of harsh brushes, solvents, or any other abrasive cleaning methods (like toothpaste). Ultrasonic cleaning should be left to the professionals, as it can damage stones and settings.

We offer complimentary inspections and cleanings for life when you purchase a T.K. Anderson original piece of jewelry. We highly recommend that you let us inspect and clean your T.K. Anderson jewelry at least once a year to ensure it remains in its best condition. Without routine inspection, stones can become loose in their settings and over time they can fall out. With proper care, you can avoid replacing stones and keep your jewelry in superb condition for future generations.

We guarantee the craftsmanship, quality, and integrity of all T.K. Anderson jewelry provided you take the above steps to care for it. T.K. Anderson Designs reserves the right to determine if proper care has been taken to ensure the long life of your jewelry.