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Jeweler's Tip: Is Resizing Necessary?

There are probably a dozen environmental reasons why your ring may not be fitting like it normally does. What time of day it is, what you’ve had to eat, and the weather are just a few factors that can leave you thinking it’s time for a re-sizing. Keith has pulled together the most common instances of being unsure in regards to your ring size, and what you can do to guarantee the safety of your jewelry without unnecessary re-sizing.

One of the most common causes of swelling hands is a high sodium intake, which leads to retention of fluids. Items you would never expect, such as bread or salad dressing can affect even those who have an extremely healthy lifestyle. Generally a high sodium level does not affect your finger to the point of re-sizing, but if it does, eating foods like fruits and greens helps to speed up the process of eliminating water.

Another typical cause is the time of day. The best time of the day to get yourself sized (or re-sized) is in the middle of the afternoon after you’ve had lunch. This is the time when your body is at its most normal state and has had enough time to acclimate to your current environment.

Finally, the main cause for your ring size to fluctuate is the weather. Your hands shrink in cool weather and slightly expand in hot weather, which may cause some issues when wearing your everyday rings. Rather than changing the size, other options are available for a less permanent alteration such as a ring guard or sizing beads. Keith’s best suggestion is to have jewelry specifically for different seasons except for your engagement ring, of course.

Keep in mind that not all rings will fit the same way. A ring with a thin shank will fit much differently than one with a wide shank, but that does not mean that it should be re-sized. Try some of the tips above before paying for an unnecessary sizing. If you’re still worried or your ring is loose to the point of it falling off, bring it by to have Keith check your size just in case.