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Engagement Profile: Matt and Kimberly

How did the two of you meet, and who made the first move?

We met at a “get together” at our mutual friend’s house.  Matt claims he made the first move a week later by dancing with me at a concert, but I actually got his number and reached out to him the next day!


Who were the first people you told about your engagement?

We both called our parents first.  Matt talked to my parents earlier that day so my Mom was excited and yelled, “I’m glad he didn’t wait too long, I couldn’t have kept that secret!”


How did you hear about T.K. Anderson Designs?

Matt went to highschool with and is friends with Wes Anderson.


What was your favorite part about working with the T.K. Anderson team?

Wes was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process. He designed a unique, yet timeless, ring. He answered my questions and educated me on aspects of the diamonds and rings that I didn’t know to ask about. -Matt


Bride, what do you like most about your new ring?

I love everything about my ring! I wanted a yellow gold band, but I was worried about it being “too yellow,” the thin band I have is exactly what I picture.  The band is simple, but has a dainty flare to it that I love, and  I have always liked the look of a solitaire, but I have seen so many round solitaires recently.  They look beautiful, but I wanted mine to be a little different.  The oval shape keeps with the simple look I wanted, but makes it different from so many other rings I have seen.  I really couldn’t have asked for anything more, it is perfect!


What are you most excited for in your future together?

We are excited to come home to each other every day.  We always have a good time and have the same sense of humor.  It’s good to know that we will both always keep the other one laughing.  I’m excited that Matt will be around to take the trash out and he is excited that he will have nice home cooked meals!