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Engagement Profile: Ray and Abby

How did the two of you meet and who made the first move?
We met at a mutual friends wedding, and started hanging out almost every day after that! It took quite a while, but Ray finally made the first move a couple months into hanging out and we have been inseparable ever since. 


Who were the first people you told about your engagement?

Since we were in another country we could only make FaceTime calls over the wifi at the lodge, so basically any family with an iPhone got the news first! Oh technology! 

How did you hear about T.K. Anderson Designs?

Ray googled custom "jewelry designers in Athens", and you guys popped up! I know it sounds anti-climactic, but I think fate was definitely involved! 

 What was your favorite part about working with the T.K. Anderson team? 

Ray loved how genuine and down to earth everyone was, and he felt like everyone was just as excited about the process as he was.


Bride, what do you like most about your new ring?

Literally everyone we show it to exclaims, "Oh my God it's perfect because it's so 'you' and unique". The fact that the ring isn't just an engagement ring, but the fact that it truly fits my personality and our relationship makes it so incredibly special it's hard to put into words! 


What are you most excited for in your future together?

Everything! Honestly, we are so happy and lucky to have each other. We do almost everything together so wedding planning, starting a business, and working on our farm brings us more joy every day! And we are definitely looking forward to designing our custom wedding bands!