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November's Birthstone- Topaz

With the launch of our new website, we are also presenting our first edition of a birthstone blog where you can learn about the gems assigned to each month. These blogs will provide a limited history of the stone's rise to popularity as well as important facts about their individual qualities. The premier stone for November is Topaz!

While some people believe that Citrine is an acceptable replacement for the Topaz due to its affordable price and abundance in stores, it is not as durable and is not available in as many colors as the Topaz. Mined in several countries around the world including Scotland, Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, and Russia, these different locations are what provide the variations in color. While the most common color to find is clear, stones may be irradiated to bring out natural colors. Available colors include clear, blue, pink, brown, yellow, orange, and red. The most valuable Topaz are Imperial Topaz and Pink Topaz.

At T.K. Anderson, we carry dozens of Topaz in various colors as loose stones that can be set into any design you can dream up! Pictured below (from left to right) are London Blue Topaz, Imperial Topaz, Blue Topaz, Pink Topaz, and Swiss Blue Topaz. If you're looking for a unique and special gift for someone born in November, we have many different shapes of these colored Topaz so there is no limit to what you could create with them. Happy birthday to you November babies, including our very own Sue Plaksin!