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Engagement Profile: Ian and Lyndsy



     How did the two of you meet? Tell us about your first date.

We met very serendipitous on a work trip that I wasn’t actually supposed to go on! It was an out of town trip, and someone couldn’t go, so my rep asked me if I could leave tomorrow! I changed my scheduled around and was off.  That was the first time we met.  It was an instant bond that was completely unexpected and something that I had never encountered with anyone before! 

     How did he/she propose? Did you know it was coming?

No!! He proposed on 10.19.17.  It was a complete surprise. He made a few attempts previously, that I had accidentally crushed so when the time came, he proposed on a random night, in the evening when we were just being “us” – on the sofa, in Pj’s.  Next thing I knew, he was on his knee proposing with a Ring pop! I wasn’t really sure what was happening until he was about half way through his speech! And then I didn’t answer or say yes because I was laughing so hard with giddiness.  Why a ring pop?? Because he knew I wanted to design the ring with Chelsea rather than picking something random. I did clear coat the ring pop and saved it in a golf ball display case! We’ll see how long it lasts!! 

    When did you know that he/she was “the one”?

It was just one of those feelings, I knew immediately that he was my person, my happy, my soulmate and with him, its different.  I guess its true, when you know you just know. 

    How did you hear about T.K. Anderson Designs?

My best friend, previous college roommate, and now my Made of Honor works on the fabulous team up at TK.

    What was your favorite part about working with the T.K. Anderson team?

I love how streamlined and easy the process was. For something so custom, the made the entire process low key and very non-stressful! I have never designed anything like this so it was a new experience! They made sure all the details were perfect from start to finish.

    Bride, what do you like most about your new ring?

It is exactly what I envisioned and is completely unique to me. Everyone that admires it keeps saying, I have never seen anything like it! The fact that I was able to create that, and have my best friend be a part of the team that created it, makes the whole thing extra special.  It wasn’t a random ring, picked off a shelf.  There is extra love behind this one

   What are you most excited for in your future together?

Life! We do life well together ☺  I know we have so many amazing things ahead for us on our journey! August will be 5 years, so its already been a wonderful road and we’ve been through a lot.  We continue to grow and enjoy each other everyday! We have so much laughter, travel, good meals, love, challenges, journeys ahead and I know I am going to love every second of the ride.  He is my happy, my person and now my forever always.