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Engagement Profile: Anna and Jonathan August 28 2015


How did the two of you meet, and who made the first 

We actually grew up in the same town, but  never knew each other. When Anna was living in Washington, DC, she came home for a wedding and ended up staying with their mutual friend, Annah Kaye, at Jonathan’s house, and long story short, Jonathan’s dog bit Anna’s face and the rest is history! After the dog bite, Jonathan and Anna couldn’t stop talking, and two moves later, they were living in Athens together and getting engaged.

Who were the first people you told about your engagement?

Everyone. Jonathan set up a surprise engagement party with all our friends and family at the Globe right after he proposed. It was incredible and such a surprise, it was every person I know and love all in one room. It was perfect.

How did you hear about T.K. Anderson Designs?

Several of our friends had their engagement rings handmade and Jonathan knew he wanted a ring made specially made.

 What was your favorite part about working with the T.K. Anderson team?

I actually went to school with Wes, so it was nice having someone I knew working on the ring. It was nice to see how excited and passionate he was about the ring. When you’re investing time and money into something it’s nice to see the person helping is as enthusiastic as you are. He also made it very easy for me. I gave him a general idea of what I wanted and he took it and ran with it.  

Bride, what do you like most about your new ring?

I love everything. It is everything I wanted in an engagement ring, especially because it is so low set. It is flawless, and I am so proud to show it off. I get more compliments on how sparkly and perfect the setting is. One of my clients saw me a few days after I got engaged and said, “did you get engaged this weekend?” and I said, ‘Yes, how did you know?!”and she said, “There’s no way I would’ve missed that beautiful sparkly ring on your finger before.” I think that says it all.

What are you most excited for in your future together?

I can’t wait to go home every day to the funniest, easiest going person I know. Sharing the every day stories is my favorite, and of course laying together and watching Netflex with the dogs. But I can’t wait to share our stories when we are 90 years old about our favorite prune juice, who cheated in card games, and shuffle board adventures together.

Engagement Profile: Ray and Abby July 03 2015

How did the two of you meet and who made the first move?
We met at a mutual friends wedding, and started hanging out almost every day after that! It took quite a while, but Ray finally made the first move a couple months into hanging out and we have been inseparable ever since. 


Who were the first people you told about your engagement?

Since we were in another country we could only make FaceTime calls over the wifi at the lodge, so basically any family with an iPhone got the news first! Oh technology! 

How did you hear about T.K. Anderson Designs?

Ray googled custom "jewelry designers in Athens", and you guys popped up! I know it sounds anti-climactic, but I think fate was definitely involved! 

 What was your favorite part about working with the T.K. Anderson team? 

Ray loved how genuine and down to earth everyone was, and he felt like everyone was just as excited about the process as he was.


Bride, what do you like most about your new ring?

Literally everyone we show it to exclaims, "Oh my God it's perfect because it's so 'you' and unique". The fact that the ring isn't just an engagement ring, but the fact that it truly fits my personality and our relationship makes it so incredibly special it's hard to put into words! 


What are you most excited for in your future together?

Everything! Honestly, we are so happy and lucky to have each other. We do almost everything together so wedding planning, starting a business, and working on our farm brings us more joy every day! And we are definitely looking forward to designing our custom wedding bands! 

Engagement Profile: Ian & Alex May 08 2015



How did the two of you meet, and who made the first move?

The two of us met when Alex and I were wingmen on our friends’ blind date. Their date went horrible, but Alex and I hit it off right away. We knew immediately that there was a strong sense of chemistry between us, but in spite of that we went our separate ways and did not start dating until a year later. We randomly saw each other again on a UGA game day and it was like we never skipped a beat. We started dating and fell in love.

Who were the first people you told about your engagement?

We were in Hawaii at the time and the time change was so drastic from our home that we woke both of our parents up at 3 am to tell them the news.
How did you hear about T.K. Anderson Designs?

Alex and I have been friends with Wes for years, and I knew with his help he would create a ring that Alex would cherish forever. I also knew that having one of her best friends make her ring would mean the world to her. Most importantly make her want to say yes to my marriage proposal.
What was your favorite part about working with the T.K. Anderson team?

The T.K. Anderson team always made me feel welcome and truly valued my input. Their creativity and attention to detail was extraordinary. I could tell they loved what they did, and that love shined through in how exquisite Alex’s ring turned out.
Bride, what do you like most about your new ring?

I love how it is original and made just for me. I love how it sparkles and shines, and I also love that my Fiancé had input in the design process. One of my favorite things is that my family nickname is inscribed on the inside of the band.
What are you most excited for in your future together?

We are excited about getting to spend the rest of our lives with our best friend, and starting a family together.

Suits and Sneakers 2014 Donation April 30 2015

We were so excited about our 2014 donation piece for the American Cancer Society's 5th Annual Suits and Sneakers Gala that we forgot to post about it until now! The pendant features an 11.39 carat, checkerboard-cut rhodolite garnet surrounded by a halo of 18 round brilliant diamonds. Cast and fabricated in 14k white and yellow-gold, this pendant is truly a work of art. We are so proud to have raised $10,000 with this extraordinary piece! Check out this article in Southern Jewelry News for more details.

Jeweler's Tip: How Often Should you Clean and Check your Ring? April 15 2015

While many pieces of jewelry are timeless, all jewelry will not last as long as it’s meant to without regular cleaning and checking by a jeweler. Even jewelry that is not necessarily in harm’s way like necklaces and earrings can wear over time. Keith Anderson recommends getting your jewelry, especially rings, cleaned and checked at least every six months. Here are a few his reasons why:

  • Dirty jewelry, even that which does not appear too dirty, likely is unless you clean it regularly. Regular use of hand soaps, sanitizers, lotions, and just the sweat from your hands can build up in the setting of your ring. The friction this causes the prongs and setting itself to wear down more rapidly over time.
  • The wearing down and other damage of prongs leads to compromised settings that could cause a lost stone. If you wear your ring often and do not have it inspected, it is likely that the prongs could be worn on the top and sides, upright at the top from being snagged, or even bent at an incorrect angle from an accidental smack.
  • Even settings like channel and bezel settings have their weak points that are not recognizable without the proper equipment. For example, the walls of a channel or bezel setting can become too thin over time, which exposes and endangers more of the stone.

While these are most pertinent to those who wear their rings quite a bit, some of the same issues can occur with your favorite necklace or pair of earrings. Have you ever snagged a sweater on one of the two, and not thought about the potential damage? It is harder for these items to come by natural wear and tear, but it does happen. This is why Keith recommends you get all of the jewelry you wear regularly, especially your rings, checked and cleaned at least every six months.


T.K. Anderson Designs cleans and checks rings for free, so stop by any time!

Nearest and Dearest Strand: The Perfect Gift for Any Mother March 30 2015

          With Mother’s Day right around the corner, T.K. Anderson Designs is launching our most exciting and meaningful product yet- our Nearest and Dearest Strand. This necklace consists of a variety of birthstones connected to a cable chain, with each stone representing the significance of a loved one. The result is an elegant collection of memories arranged to tell the story of her life.
           The birthstones of your choice come in a range of sizes from 4-6 millimeters. The gems are bezel-set in 14k yellow-gold and symmetrically placed on a 1.5 millimeter cable chain. These chains are available from 16-24 inches and in both 14k white and yellow-gold as well as sterling silver. Each necklace is finished with a lobster clasp for comfort and security.
            Since every Nearest and Dearest Strand is custom made, the deadline for all orders is Friday, April 24th by end of business day. All orders that are placed before April 10th will receive a 20% discount on the final price of their necklace! Please call or message us through our website www.tkanderson.com for your free estimate.
Click on the links below to learn more about her birthstone and the birthstones of the special people in her life:

Engagement Profile: Cameron and Erin March 20 2015

How did the two of you meet, and who made the first move?

We met our freshmen year of college in the same dorm. We were friends for a few years. Erin and I both have different points of view of who made the first move. I think it was when she asked to make lunch for me one day our junior year. But it was probably when I asked her to get coffee with me a few weeks later.


Who were the first people you told about your engagement?

The first calls were to our families.


How did you guys hear about T.K. Anderson Designs?

My parents knew the guys there.


What was your favorite part of working with the T.K. Anderson team?

The personal experience and getting to create a custom piece that no one else has ever had. They asked really good questions to get to know what I was looking for in a ring. They took a lot of time to meet with me and got excited about the design with me.


Bride, what do you like most about your new ring?

The fact that no one else has it. I like the personal touches that the T.K. Anderson team put into the ring. I really like that whenever someone sees it they can tell it really matches my personality.


What are you most excited for in your future together?

Honestly, just being in the same town again and living together. We have been long distance for a while and so just being around each other will be nice.

Engagement Profile: Matt and Kimberly March 16 2015

How did the two of you meet, and who made the first move?

We met at a “get together” at our mutual friend’s house.  Matt claims he made the first move a week later by dancing with me at a concert, but I actually got his number and reached out to him the next day!


Who were the first people you told about your engagement?

We both called our parents first.  Matt talked to my parents earlier that day so my Mom was excited and yelled, “I’m glad he didn’t wait too long, I couldn’t have kept that secret!”


How did you hear about T.K. Anderson Designs?

Matt went to highschool with and is friends with Wes Anderson.


What was your favorite part about working with the T.K. Anderson team?

Wes was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process. He designed a unique, yet timeless, ring. He answered my questions and educated me on aspects of the diamonds and rings that I didn’t know to ask about. -Matt


Bride, what do you like most about your new ring?

I love everything about my ring! I wanted a yellow gold band, but I was worried about it being “too yellow,” the thin band I have is exactly what I picture.  The band is simple, but has a dainty flare to it that I love, and  I have always liked the look of a solitaire, but I have seen so many round solitaires recently.  They look beautiful, but I wanted mine to be a little different.  The oval shape keeps with the simple look I wanted, but makes it different from so many other rings I have seen.  I really couldn’t have asked for anything more, it is perfect!


What are you most excited for in your future together?

We are excited to come home to each other every day.  We always have a good time and have the same sense of humor.  It’s good to know that we will both always keep the other one laughing.  I’m excited that Matt will be around to take the trash out and he is excited that he will have nice home cooked meals!

Jeweler's Tip: Is Resizing Necessary? February 20 2015

There are probably a dozen environmental reasons why your ring may not be fitting like it normally does. What time of day it is, what you’ve had to eat, and the weather are just a few factors that can leave you thinking it’s time for a re-sizing. Keith has pulled together the most common instances of being unsure in regards to your ring size, and what you can do to guarantee the safety of your jewelry without unnecessary re-sizing.

One of the most common causes of swelling hands is a high sodium intake, which leads to retention of fluids. Items you would never expect, such as bread or salad dressing can affect even those who have an extremely healthy lifestyle. Generally a high sodium level does not affect your finger to the point of re-sizing, but if it does, eating foods like fruits and greens helps to speed up the process of eliminating water.

Another typical cause is the time of day. The best time of the day to get yourself sized (or re-sized) is in the middle of the afternoon after you’ve had lunch. This is the time when your body is at its most normal state and has had enough time to acclimate to your current environment.

Finally, the main cause for your ring size to fluctuate is the weather. Your hands shrink in cool weather and slightly expand in hot weather, which may cause some issues when wearing your everyday rings. Rather than changing the size, other options are available for a less permanent alteration such as a ring guard or sizing beads. Keith’s best suggestion is to have jewelry specifically for different seasons except for your engagement ring, of course.

Keep in mind that not all rings will fit the same way. A ring with a thin shank will fit much differently than one with a wide shank, but that does not mean that it should be re-sized. Try some of the tips above before paying for an unnecessary sizing. If you’re still worried or your ring is loose to the point of it falling off, bring it by to have Keith check your size just in case.

2014 Annual Holiday Open House November 25 2014

In the words of the great Andy Williams, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

While every season brings special occasions for us at T.K. Anderson Designs, we love the joyous atmosphere that seems to accompany the Holiday season; it is the time for giving thanks and cherishing special moments with friends and family. We are eager to share this excitement with you at our annual Holiday Open House.

Join us December 3rd-6th from 1:00pm-6:00pm as we welcome the season of giving. Along with refreshments, there will be a storewide sale of 20-50% off for the duration of the event.

Our showroom is filled with exquisite jewelry at all price points. The blue moonstone, blue agate, and blue topaz set pictured below are each priced under $150.00.


Looking for something a bit more elegant? These Tahitian black pearls are a classic addition to any woman’s collection, and they are sure to never disappoint.


With this selection you can be sure to find something exceptional for the loved ones in your life, and with our Wish Lists you won't miss out either.

Engagement Profile: Adam and Lisa October 29 2014


Adam & Lisa – engaged August 31st, 2014


How did the two of you meet, and who made the first move?

We met at work, our desks were adjacent. I’m not sure who made the first actual move, he would say he did, but I think I did. We fell in love on our first date, which was a rainy day hike up Blood Mountain in North Georgia.


Who were the first people you told about your engagement?

Our families. Adam proposed in a park near my grandmother’s house on a trip to visit her Washington. My mom, aunt, uncle, and cousins were all at my grandmother’s house waiting after he proposed. We told our extended family and friends through emails, texts, phone calls and of course Facebook.


How did you hear about T.K. Anderson Designs?

A friend of ours recommended T.K. Anderson. She learned about their work from several of the ladies she teaches in her Zumba class.


What was your favorite part about working with the T.K. Anderson team?

My favorite part was their ability to customize the ring into something meaningful for us. They were patient with me as we worked out the design and worked diligently to build the ring so I received it in time to propose.


Bride, what do you like most about your new ring?

It’s hard to pick one thing that I like best. I love the colors the most (the blue of the diamond and the rose gold are lovely), but I also love the small details like the leaves under the setting.


What are you most excited for in your future together?

We look forward to having a close and loving support system in each other. We are also very excited to travel and enjoy life together.

October Birthstone(s): Opal and Tourmaline October 28 2014

Those born in October are lucky enough to have two beautiful gems to represent their birth month: opal and tourmaline.

Opals are formed in near-surface volcanic rocks from hydrated silica material that is held together by more silica and water, which makes it extremely soft. The appearance can be easily altered by changes in heat and pressure due to the varying amounts of water within it. Opals are famous for their coloring because most stones flash the colors of the rainbow when moved due to the play of light on cracks and other internal differences. These impurities are what give opals their amazing colors, for example black opals get their color from magnesium oxide and organic carbon in the stone.

The opal always had a positive reputation across all cultures until the Black Death in the mid-14th century, when it was believed to be the cause of death. This was because if someone stricken with the plague wore the opal, it would appear brilliant and colorful until the person died and the stone would lose its luster. In reality this was true, though it was due to the change in the wearer’s temperature that altered the appearance.

Tourmaline is also a stone that exhibits a very broad range of colors, though they are nowhere near as complex as the opal. Some have bi-colored properties, one in particular being the “watermelon” tourmaline from Brazil. With this type, the outer edges of the gem are green that transitions to a transparent zone that give way to pink or red. A very unusual characteristic of the tourmaline is that it attracts small bits of paper, lint, and ash when warmed or rubbed because it becomes charged with static electricity. Benjamin Franklin even used the stone in his studies of electricity. This is the tourmaline’s main claim-to-fame since it is a relatively recently discovered stone.

Pictured below are a cluster of Ethiopian opals that Keith and Wes picked out at a jewelry show in Las Vegas, as well as pink, green, and watermelon tourmalines.